Monday, July 21, 2008

Mini Vacation

We just had a great trip up to Phoenix this last weekend. We left Friday morning and got up to the temple just after 10 am. Steve and I took turns in the temple and with the kids out in the visitors' center. The timing was perfect and we were done at about noon. I let the kids take pictures and so here are a few of their good shots:

Then we went and ate lunch at Delux. We had some seriously delicious burgers and fries and then shared this dessert that was a banana split molten lava cake HUGE bowl of goodness. From there, we went to our hotel. It was a Hyatt Place by the airport and since it is HOT summer in Phoenix it was a great deal. And it was probably the best hotel we had stayed in all together. It was a suite with 2 double beds, then a room divider, and a big sectional on the other side. A big flat panel TV was in the middle and could swivel either way. There was also space by the desk to put the crib up for Seth and so it just gave us great space. So we relaxed and then went swimming for a few hours.

After we were changed, we went to a store called Steve & Barry's. All the stuff in the store is $8.98 or less. I was particularly happy to find some good tennis shoes (Eleven - the Venus Williams brand) and so bought 2 pairs. And then Steve and I just got a few other things. We were still mainly full from the huge lunch so we just stopped and ate a little at Fazzoli's.

We headed back to the hotel and hooked up the DVD player to the TV and watched Nanny McPhee with the kids. It was very cute as both Rhianna and Rand fell asleep on our laps on the couch in the middle of the show.

Saturday morning we ate the continental breakfast at the hotel and then went swimming again for another hour. After we were all dressed and ready, we went to the Arizona Science Center. They had a big exhibit called Grossology - all about the inside working of people and animals. I made boogers, we got to play different games having to do with body parts, and just saw/smelled/touched stuff that is kind of gross. Rand liked the poop.

Rhianna loved the Forces of Nature exhibit on a different floor. It was a simulation of things like hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, lightning, etc. It showed videos of these things actually happening and then it would make the floor shake or wind blow or heat lamps or whatever to give you the experience. She did it 2 times and wanted to stay to keep going more and more. You can tell from the picture that she is happy!

We then ate lunch and drove home. We just had a fun time together and everyone was so happy and kind the whole time. It was a great little mini vacation.


Maria said...

Looks like fun. I love staying at a hotel, if even for a night and close to home, because it automatically feels like a vacation. I like all the pictures of the kids in the pool.

merathon said...

sounds like a fun vacation! i love little weekend trips like that to break up the monotony. we are big fans of steve and barry's here since they have one in charlotte. we also had the grossology exhibit last year at our children's museum and all thoroughly enjoyed it, yet were grossed out by the fact that we liked it!

OUR FAMILY said...

I want to go on that vacation (sounds like you had a blast) We need a relaxing vacation all summer it has just been to crazy

Becca and fam said...

Looks like you're having a fun summer. Wish we could have seen you while you were in Phoenix. Hope all is well!