Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our summer plans

FYI, it is very hot in Arizona. Here in Tucson it gets to over 100 degrees every day. This can make summer more difficult to enjoy than in a more temperate area. That is why people often travel a lot in the summertime. However, we decided that we couldn't afford to do a lot of travel this summer, but we still wanted to do some fun things. So we are going to do some short vacations/getaways around the area, with one bigger trip.

First, we are going to go up into the mountains surrounding Tucson and have a day in Summerhaven.

Then, we are going to take the kids to the circus.

Then we are going up to Phoenix and stay in a hotel and swim, and do some other fun indoor things there that they don't have here in Tucson (like a really cool science center for kids).

Finally, we are going to Disneyland in August. We hadn't planned to go to Disneyland with such young kids, but my annual conference is in Anaheim this year and so with part of our trip subsidized by my job, we felt we couldn't pass it up.

We will take pictures of each of our little trips and put up posts about them.


Marci said...

you guys are going to have so much fun in disneyland! we've taken our kids the last two years and its been so much fun. Take advantage of the babyswap program on the rides.

Maria said...

Sounds fun. I heard Mom is joining you in Disneyland. Don't let her go on any big rides or you will have one sick lady on your hands! Have fun!