Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cast be gone!!

Rhianna's cast came off on Thursday, June 12. She was really nervous about it, and unfortunately, it did not go smoothly. Her nerves made everything worse. She especially did not like it when the doctor pulled out the pins. She screamed as he did so. He even acknowledged that it seemed to be hurting her more than it did most other kids.

Here is a picture of her cast and her X-rays with the cast off. You can still see the line of the break, but the doctor said that is normal and that there was good bone growth.

Although she was quite upset afterwards, once we got home and she relaxed she realized that it was good to have it off. She still doesn't have back a complete range of motion, but every day it seems to be getting a little more back to normal.

Here is a picture with her holding Seth. You can see where one pin was.

And one of the first things she wanted to do after getting her cast off was to go swimming. Here is a picture of her and Rand at their swimming lesson.

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