Thursday, June 26, 2008


I know that I already wrote about our anniversary and Stephanie's pick for her birthday breakfast, but I also wanted to post about our birthdays.

For my birthday we went to OPA!, a Greek restaurant. Here is a picture of Seth enjoying some hummus. My family got me some cool presents, one of which is the shirt I am wearing in this picture. On the front is a T-rex playing the drums.

Rhianna's (and Stephanie's) birthdays were on Sunday, so we went out for dinner on Saturday. Rhianna chose to go to Risky Business. She also invited her friend's Amelia and Grace Neumiller. Dinner was great.

After dinner we went home and Amelia and Grace came with us and they gave Rhianna a present and played for awhile. They gave her this cool towel dress that goes over a swimsuit.

Here is her wearing the gift.

They also gave her some water balloons. They decided to try them out. Here is a picture of Rand throwing one right in Rhianna's face.

We saved opening presents from us until their actual birthday. So the next morning, the first thing we did was get up and open presents. Stephanie got some shirts and a web-cam and a massage (well a gift certificate for one anyway). Rhianna got some games from her Mom. I decided to give her a special present. Rhianna really loves to read. In fact, she reads so much that we have had trouble making sure she has enough books. So, I decided to give her some books. I wrapped up one book, but I also included a note that said that because books are such a treasure I was going to make her hunt for the rest of her present. Here is a picture of her reading the note.

She then had to search all over the house for different piles of "treasure". Each treasure had a note leading to the next stash. Here is a picture of some treasure that was hidden in the fridge.

When she was done she had found 12 hoards, for a total of 56 books. Here are pictures of her clues and her final pile of booty.


merathon said...

you'll have to tell me what books you got for rhianna. i have trouble keeping up with kendall around here as well! she goes through books WAY too fast!

Becca and fam said...

Happy Birthday Rhianna and Stephanie! Love the book idea. PLease call when you will be in Phoenix, we would love to see you!

Unknown said...

I missed your guys birthdays on my birthday blog....We have been so busy with moving so we want to say Happy Belated Birthday... I need to get those dates on my calander email us if you can. You guys all look happy and good...Looks like she got her cast of too ;) If you ever head up to Provo stop by and see us....Thanks again for all your help with the move...