Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rhianna's Bad Break

Yesterday Rhianna had her last gymnastics class.

After the class, the teachers were letting them have some free time on the different pieces of equipment. When she was on the bars, she was trying to get up in a sort of weird way, fell forward, and severely broke her left arm just above the elbow. I called Steve right away and told him to meet me at Tucson Medical Center where they have a great children's emergency room. The gymnastics teachers and one of the other moms helped me get Rand and Seth out to the van so I could carry Rhianna. Rand had been asleep and pretty much slept through this whole experience. Seth was scared and crying.

But we got to TMC with Steve just right behind us. He carried Rhianna in while I parked the van and then brought the boys in. We were very grateful that the hospital staff worked so quickly and got Rhianna in. Once she was settled I took the boys to the Neumiller's house and then came back. Steve had stayed and they did the x-rays. The break was bad enough that she needed surgery. The pediatric orthopedic surgeon was there doing other regular surgeries, but they again did all the paper work, scheduling, etc quickly and Rhianna was in surgery at 6:30 pm. It was scary for her all these different things they had to do but she really did handle everything great.

Here are the before X-rays

Here are the X-Rays after the surgery

The surgery took about 1 hour. They were able to get the bones lined up correctly without any extra incisions. She now has 2 pins to hold the bone in place. It took her a little while to fully come out of the anesthesia and for her oxygen saturation levels to stay was already her regular bedtime, besides all the trauma and medication. But we got home at about 10 pm and she was able to sleep okay last night.

She has on sort of a temporary plaster type cast right now and then probably on Monday we will go in to Dr Vincent's office and will switch it to the lighter, newer kind they use. She will have that cast for about 4 weeks.

So it was quite an overwhelming experience, but we were blessed in many ways. Nothing else on Rhianna was hurt. It seems like no nerve damage. We had good doctors. We had good friends to take Rand and Seth for hours. Steve got to the pharmacy at about 8:58, they were closing at 9, but stayed and quickly filled her prescription for pain medication. I have said many prayers and Steve had given Rhianna a blessing in the hospital...and I am just grateful that though it was a hard thing it looks like everything will be okay.


Maria said...

Well, on the bright side Rhianna, you are a seriously cute little girl. I can't believe how grown up you look! It sounds like you were very brave through this all. Feel better soon!

merathon said...

oh it is so sad when little kids are in casts! kendall broke her arm just below her elbow when she was almost 3-- by falling off the couch! just goes to show you that you can't protect your kids from everything. good luck with the healing process!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad everything went ok. Rhianna is brave and the xrays look great (by the way) (0:

Marci said...

give rhianna a hug for us... good luck with everything and keep the ice cream coming

Unknown said...

Tell Rhianna that we will pray for her ;) my nephew broke his arm at his grandmas house they were all right there too but somehow the dogs chain got wrapped around his leg and it happend so fast. Just think Rhianna of all the attention you will get with the leg ;) We should make you some cookies to cheer you up and I bet it would be fun to have everyone sign your cast. I have never broken anything. I have however had a 150 pound four wheeler roll over on top of me when I went up a jump wrong and suprisingly nothing broke yes I (Tennille) love fourwheelers

Becca and fam said...

Please tell Rhianna we say hello and sorry about her break. We hope she heals quickly!

Joce said...

Ouch! You look like you are really good at gymnastics, so I hope this break won't put a damper on your fun for too long. Great job being such a good sport about the situation. We miss moving and shaking with you in Austin. Get well soon.