Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Seth's Six Month Stats

Seth has been learning and growing so much lately. He really has control of rolling from his back to his belly...but he still rarely rolls back over. He is getting pretty good at sitting. His digestion seems to be a bit more sensitive than the other two kids so we are taking foods slowly. His sleeping isn't as perfect as it once was but he is still a pretty perfect baby. I was sure he was pretty close to 20 pounds...but here are the official stats from his doctor's appointment yesterday:

Weight 18 lbs 10 ozs (75%)
Height 27 1/4 in (75%)
Head 45 cm (75%)

So he is pretty perfect. He even did amazing with his shots (just like Rand). Since there has been a measles outbreak here he got the MMR shot early, for a total of 4 shots. He didn't even cry at all on the first 2, just looked at the nurse. When she did the other 2 shots in the second leg, he did then cry but seriously for only a minute.

We sure are glad we have this little boy!! (You can tell because both Rhianna and Rand had to hold Seth.)

And just for are pictures of the 3 kids at 6 months old so you can see how their looks compare:


Stephanie said...

He's so cute, Steph. I'm glad your kids are doing well.

Alexa said...

Hi Boivies! I found your blog through the Thorleys' and thought I'd stop in to say hello! I'm glad to see y'all seem to be doing well and those three(!) kiddos of yours sure are cute. You're welcome to stop in and visit us at our blog if you like -- we'd love to hear from you!

Unknown said...

I love those pictures so cute and was it my imagination or was Rand winking? I can't even do that lol Seriously I have tried I am impressed that he can. It's amazing your baby is allready six months old