Sunday, February 24, 2008


On Friday we took the kids to the woman's gymnastics meet. The UofA Wildcats took on the UCLA Bruins. (We lost, but it was very close.) The kids had a lot of fun watching the gymnastics. Rhianna especially loved it. She is going to start a gymnastics class of her own in a few weeks, and seeing what the gymnasts could do made her very excited to learn. On the way to the match we were talking and Rhianna came up with nicknames for each of the kids. She said we should call them Smarty (Rhianna), Jumpy (Rand), and Good Boy (Seth). Later, she changed her mind and decided Seth's nickname should be Laughy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Time for Church

We have been working with Rhianna and Rand to teach them to be reverent in church. Rand was trying really hard yesterday, but sitting still and listening was pretty hard. So to try to distract him and also to show him that it was getting close to the end of the meeting, I started looking at the clock with him. We looked at the shape and the numbers and then the hands. I showed him that the second hand was going really fast. Then he said, "But the other ones go really slow." He wanted to play with my watch so I took it off and let him have it. I had to pull the little knob out, but then he started spinning it and said he was trying to make the time go faster....Like I said, he really was trying....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Uncle Scott

At the end of January we had a visit from Uncle Scott, Steve's brother. He was just here for a few days but we had a nice time with him. Scott played with Rand most of the day on Friday.

Then we picked Rhianna up from school and ate ice cream. It was so nice to see Rhianna just run up to Scott and give him a big hug. We went out to dinner at Frankie's - seriously delicious and very authentic Philly Cheesesteak! On Saturday we went to the butterfly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens. It was pretty crazy walking into 90 degree tropical air even with our not-so-cold winter weather. There were lots of beautiful butterflies and Rhianna really wanted one to land on her. One landed on Scott's head and my head, on Steve's shirt and finally on Rhianna's magnifying glass...success!

We then went out and ate breakfast for lunch.

And then we got some Children's Benedryl...apparently Rand has allergies and his head went crazy after being exposed to so many flowers/plants in the greenhouse. His eyes were red, nose running, and he sneezed practically every minute. We all then had a good rest in the afternoon and just spent the rest of the night playing and talking. Scott flew back home on Sunday morning.

Thanks Scott!!