Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Progress Report: Rhianna is Engaged!

Rhianna got her first report card today, although here they call it a progress report. She is doing great in school. The school asks you to review the report with your child and then sign a form saying you have read it. So tonight, I was reviewing the report with her. Here is one of the comments from her teacher Ms. Kunk: "Rhianna is a very self directed and engaged student. She understands the classroom norms, the daily routines, and the objectives for each lesson thoroughly, but most of all she loves to learn and experience everything we do in class. She is kind and supportive when interacting with her classmates, has wonderful manners, always models appropriate behavior and has a heart that feels for and with everyone. She is a joy to work with!"

Rhianna started laughing as I read this and she said: "Engaged, Ms. Kunk thinks I have a boyfriend. I am going to have to tell her that she made a mistake." So we had a good laugh and then we explained to her the alternate meaning of engaged.

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merathon said...

that story was hilarious!