Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

It has been a fun few weeks here. Rand and Seth and I got to go make Gingerbread houses with Rhianna at school. Then Valerie flew in on Rhianna's last day of school followed by Grandma, Grandpa, and Michael on the first day of the break. It was wonderful having all of them here. Seth was held nearly every minute of every day and Rhianna and Rand had several playmates. Here are a few highlights of their stay:

We really got to play at the children's museum...including making Gingerbread Men. Grandma's was most impressive.
Seth slept through the whole thing!

At church on Sunday, Seth was blessed by Steve (and my dad and some of our friends also helped). This is the cute outfit sent by Loretta that he was blessed in.
We had our big meal on Christmas Eve and then acted out the Nativity. All costuming credit goes to Valerie and Michael. Steve narrated, Rhianna was Mary, Rand was Joseph, Seth was baby Jesus, Grandpa was the donkey (since he is the oldest he is the strongest according to the kids), Grandma was the innkeeper, Michael was the shepherd, Valerie was the angel and I joined her as the singing heavenly hosts.
The play went very well...Joseph just felt slighted that he didn't get to ride on the donkey. So he took his turn after the shepherd came to visit.
Then the kids opened the traditional Christmas Eve pajamas and headed off to bed.

Rand woke up at about 7 am to get things going. My dad made Funk Eggs for breakfast and then we opened presents.
Rand got many cars/trucks and many dinosaurs. He was so excited the whole day. He just kept saying things like "I have been wanting this all my life." or "This is my favorite thing ever." It made us all happy.
Most of Rhianna's presents were some sort of art project (spirograph, doodlepad, coloring supplies). We also started the tradition of having one present for each of us be a book. Rhianna has already read her 4 Junie B. Jones books...she just loves reading.
And Seth just looked super cute!

Everyone had to leave the day after Christmas. As we dropped them off Rhianna said, "I miss them already even though I can still see Grandpa." And that night after Rand realized they were gone he was "down in the dumps." It was just so nice to be able to play and talk (including talking to Calvin on his mission) and spend that time together.

Since then, we have been to the park, ridden bikes, played with new toys, gone bowling...and yes on New Year's Eve EVERYONE stayed up to midnight. We were at the Neumiller's and the kids were just so nice and playing and very determined to be like the grown ups and everyone (well actually Seth was asleep) made it to the New Year. Then they promptly fell asleep on our 2 minute drive home.


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