Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Introducing Seth Michael Boivie

Seth Michael Boivie was born at 12:25 am on October 25, 2007. He weighed 7 lbs. 9.8 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. We are so happy to have him as part of our family and I want to share a few of my thoughts about his birth.

Each of our children has a slightly different birth story. On Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment in the morning. I was dilated to a 3 but not much else had changed since the week before. At about 3 pm I started have sporadic contractions but they were a little stronger. I called Steve around 4 and after he got home the contractions were definitely get stronger and more regular. Rhianna was thrilled that she would get her first sleepover!! We dropped the kids off at our friends (the Neumiller's) house and headed to the hospital at about 6 pm.

At check-in I was at a 4 so I was admitted and they got me all settled, started IVs, etc. And I kept telling them that with the other two kids things went pretty quickly. I am very calm during labor and so I think when I said, "Don't worry...I will tell you when I have to push." that is when they took me seriously about possibly going fast. It was about 8 pm, the contractions were strong, I was at a 6, and so they called the doctor to head on in to the hospital.

At some time around this point I asked for IV meds (I had Demerol with Rhianna, Stadol with Rand, and this was another that I can't remember). It was working fantastically...I even was getting sleepy. But that eventually wore off and another dose didn't seem to help so I decided to get an epidural.

This is a scary thing, especially for Steve, since they are working so close to your spine. But I was just at a 7 and didn't know how long it would be until his birth. The epidural did work great for the pain. However, I was in the 15% where they accidentally do a wet tap and go into your spinal fluid. (This caused headaches later and I had a blood patch to fix it but it wasn't the ideal epidural even though it did help with the pain.)

Quite quickly it was time for our little baby to be born. I only had to push 3 times and there he was. This actual birth was special for me because the way the doctor held him I could see him come into the world. I felt very overwhelmingly happy to have this little boy. It took us a while to feel that we should have another baby, then it took us 9 months to get pregnant, and then another 9 months until he joined us healthy and safe.

Steve and I both enjoyed having Rhianna and Rand come the next day to visit in the hospital. We saw our little family all together. They wanted to hold their little brother and thought he was so cute. Rand asked "Did he pop out mom? Is this our baby? Do you get to come home...does he get to come home?"

And now we are all home. It was a hard first weekend since Rand had croup, Rhianna had a slight fever, and I was trying to recover. But now we are all doing a little better. I feel better recovering this time around. Seth is just a very calm, snugly, cute baby. So now we are the 3 S's (Steve, Stephanie, Seth) and the 2 R's (Rhianna and Rand).


Heather Anna said...

Congratulations! He looks so healthy and scratch free, like a c-section baby. He's so cute. Happy it all turned out well.

michael funk said...

Great work once again. I'm glad the baby that has my name looks so amazingly cute. Thanks for calling him Seth Michael Boivie. It is the best name anyone of the siblings has given to their child so far. I'm excited to see you all in December.

P.S. I'm always going to call him Seth Michael, not just Seth.

Corrine said...

Congratulations! Glad all turned out well. He is a darling beautiful baby.

(I found y'all off the prices' blog thought I'd stop in and say hi.)